*Antiques & Estates Auctions*

Quality items are now being accepted for our antique, collectible or general merchandise auctions. We accept individual items, complete collections or estates accumulations. Please contact the auctioneer now to reserve space for your items. All consultations are held in the strictest confidence.



*Firearms, Militaria & Sportsman's Auctions*

We are now accepting quality consignments, individual items, collections or estate accumulations of Antique & Modern Firearms — quality hunting rifles & shotguns, collectible Winchester, Marlin & other rifles, military firearms, flintlock & percussion muskets & pistols, restricted & prohibited handguns, pellet guns; modern & collectible ammunition, gunsmithing & reloading tools, supplies & parts; sporting & gun reference books; Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Collectibles: sporting art & advertising, gun store displays; Native & Western Collectibles: carvings, beadwork, weapons & artifacts; navigational & surveyors instruments, scopes & binoculars; gun cabinets & cases, archery, wildlife carvings, old gunning decoys; hunting gear, modern & collectible fishing tackle, outboard motors, boats & canoes; Military Collectibles — helmets, uniforms, war medals, badges, bayonets, swords, knives, edged weapons & field gear. Phoenix Auctions is the professional expert for estate consignments of firearms & military collectibles. All consultations are held in strictest confidence.


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